梶谷 圭亮

1990年、名城大学理工学部建築科 修了。
「梅が丘の家」(住宅、2017年)では “土間”や“木組み”、“漆喰”といった日本伝統のキーワードを基にそんな職人技術によって現代の住宅としての表現を試みたものである。

Keisuke Kajitani
first class architect

Keisuke was born in Kyoto, Japan in 1975.
After graduating from Meijo University with a degree in Architecture in 1990, he joined a company that focused on how to effective utilize trimmed wood and preserve the forest. During his time at the company, he was able to build his knowledge related to nature and architecture through developing and selling trimmed wooden products for interiors and exteriors.
To further enhance his career, Keisuke decided to transfer to an engineering firm and took responsibilities for designing and managing projects of built-to-order houses, welfare facilities, shrines and temples by using Japanese traditional natural materials such as wood, clayey wall and stucco.
In 2016, he founded Kajitani architectural design office in Tokyo. He developed a style which focuses on time-varying architectures with nature growth. The idea is to not only consider functionalities, durabilities and safety, but also emphasize on the natural charm of basic materials such as wood, soil and iron by Japanese traditional craftsman techniques and apply time-varying finishes throughout his projects of private housing and commercial facilities.
“Umegaoka House(a private residence in 2017)” is one of the most successful attempts in showcasing Japanese traditional architectural style such as “Doma” ”Kigumi” and ”Stucco” into the modern house by inherited craftsmanship.
In the case of “Tamagawa House(an apartment house in 2018)”, he brought the same concept of using domestic natural materials such stucco to part of renovation strategy.
Besides his architectural work, he also spends a lot of his time and energy into designing interior products such as lightning and kitchen made of iron and pure wood for his project.
Keisuke currently resides in Tokyo.